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How to use this site

The Museum of Writing has many different collections within it, showing how writing was carried by different cultures and at different times. There are types of writing equipment and examples from the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman collections, through to the autograph collections such as the handwriting of politicians, explorers and musicians.

You can click on browse collections and select the particular section you're interested in. This will take you to all the items in that collection.

Alternatively, you can click on browse items and you will be taken to the search and browse interface. Here you can search items by:

  • adding a keywork to the first search box;
  • selecting a collection from the dropdown menu;
  • selecting a type of item (such as nib, inkwell, etc) from the dropdown menu;
  • searching for a tag;
  • or, a combination of the above.

Bear in mind that not all types of writing equipment equipment will be in all collections. For example, wax tablets will only be found in the Roman collection.

Once you've entered or selected all you need, click on search and you'll be taken to all the items containing those keywords. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to larger images and more information of that particular item.