Mediaeval Manuscripts


I reckon that I must have been born at least four hundred years too late, as, amongst all the categories in the collection, I feel more of an affinity with all things medieval, especially the manuscripts and quills; maybe I was a scribe in an earlier life! Having studied early and middle English and early and middle French, I went to calligraphy classes where the teacher was a medievalist and I also taught calligraphy at evening-classes, basing a lot of scripts on those used in medieval manuscripts.

The first item in my collection was the manuscript, patched up with fragments of earlier manuscripts that was given to me by a neighbour. A fuller account of this is given in the notes accompanying the object, as with the medieval scribe's kit.


  • Mr. Simpson (the neighbour)
  • Pucketts
  • Pirages
  • A variety of eBay sellers
  • Bouquinistes along the Seine
  • Alan E. Cole