Mediaeval and Renaissance Scribal Tools


The medieval scribe's writing kit is said to be one of the most comprehensive, although not at all in size. It must be boring and confusing to read the number of collections and items that I say are important to me or fascinate me. This category covers both. I had obtained a number of the items when Philip Poole said to me that I should stop being so vague in my collecting and concentrate more. It must be apparent to any visitor that this fell on deaf ears and I continued to buy anything and everything. However this particular collection became another obsession, which took me fifty-five years to complete. The star object and the one that makes it so comprehensive is the Bos Taurus tooth used as a gold burnisher, which is accepted as the only proven one extant.


  • Thomas Edwards
  • Davies Antiques
  • Jane Stewart
  • Michael Finlay
  • Philip Poole
  • Alan E. Cole